Join the RFID Global team online at the IMPACT Manufacturing Virtual Summit, November 9-13, 2020.

Help your workforce return to work safely with new Social Distancing wearable sensors designed for the factory and warehouse. COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on businesses where firms need to rapidly address new employee health and safety concerns. Providing safe and healthy workspaces is one of the key challenges. Learn what technologies are being deployed to help companies provide social distance management.

RFID Global

RFID Global is a leading provider of asset management and supply chain solutions for the Manufacturing and Industrial Sectors. Visi-Trac Asset Manager, the company’s software product, provides real-time operational intelligence on the location, status, condition and history of physical assets. This visibility enables enterprise companies to better manage their inventory, prevent operational disruptions and improve supply chain visibility. SafeZone360, our latest offering for workforce health and safety, is a wearable sensor solution designed to help employees safely maintain social distance in the workplace.

  • afif alshakhshir says:

    Please update me on the online progress and list of manufacturers

    • Diana Hage says:

      Hello, we would be glad to discuss proximity sensors for social distancing. Please schedule a call through the Contact Us button on our homepage.

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