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Learn how our customers are innovating with IoT solutions.

Sensor Solutions Help Companies See and Understand Asset Events In Real-Time 

Key Partner with Business Process Understanding

"The choice of our partner was based on the fact they had a good understanding of the business process behind the technology. They differentiated themselves with being able to understand the whole business process involved, not just the technology piece." 

Maryann Flynn

Director, Operations - Cisco

Chevron Focuses on Cargo Materials Tracking

Materials tracking improves inventory management and deck space control.

Delta Deploys Real-Time Baggage Tracking System

Real-time baggage tracking provides luggage visibility and enhances customer experience.

Huntington Ingalls Depends On RFID Access Control

Real-time access control increases shift change throughput by 4x. 

Sanford Health Improves Patient Service and Satisfaction

Monitoring patient arrivals, wait times, and care events improves patient-centric care. 

Schlumberger Rolls Out Global Asset Traceability

GPS tracking enables real-time asset visibility, increasing asset utilization.

Xylem Assesses Industrial Equipment Tracking Solutions

Industrial water firm required solutions able to operate in extreme conditions.

Visi-Trac Helps Government and Defense Agencies Improve Inventory Management and Security

​Global Supply Chain Authentication

"The ultimate vision is that SHIELD technology would be applied broadly to ICs throughout the global electronics industry. RFID Global is our partner in developing the authentication solution."

Scott Suko

Consulting Engineer - Northrop Grumman

 DARPA SHIELD Protects Military Supply Chain 

Visi-Trac software helps verify authenticity of supply chain goods.

 U.S. Department of Homeland Security Safeguards IT Assets

Visi-Trac improves inventory accuracy and enhances security.

Pennsylvania National Guard Automates Supply Center

Visi-Trac digitizes government forms and improves inventory accuracy.

Customs & Border Protection Streamlines Processing

Visi-Trac monitors travel documents during arriving passenger port entry.

U.S. Department of Justice Tracks DNA and Firearms

Visi-Trac tracks DNA specimens and firearms to ensure data integrity.

Social Security Administration Manages IT Assets

Visi-Trac delivers 33% greater inventory accuracy and 90% time savings.

Asset Management Software Trusted By the World's Leading Companies 

Flexibility and Focus In Meeting Unique Needs

"We selected Visi-Trac due to the company's flexibility and focus on developing a solution that could be integrated into DIRECTV's management system and meet our unique inventory tracking needs." 

Adam Seskin

Director, Broadcast Engineering Asset Management  - AT&T

AT&T ​Deploys Broadcast Asset Management System

Visi-Trac enables AT&T to reduce inventory time from years to months. 

Boeing Monitors Temperature and Time-Sensitive Sealants

Visi-Trac ensures FAA regulatory compliance and delivers ROI in three months.

Cisco Automates Fixed Asset Lifecycle Management

Visi-Trac improves cycle counts, audit accuracy and saves costs. 

Customer Rolls Out Global IT Equipment Management

Visi-Trac provides visibility of available inventory and more accurate audits. 

Flex Implements No Touch Automation For Supply Chain

Visi-Trac streamlines material transfers and automates logistics. 

GE Automates Tool Tracking and Reduces Inventory Time

Visi-Trac with RFID-enabled carts helps GE better manage tool availability and usage. 

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