AT&T deploys broadcast asset management system, reducing inventory time from years to months

DIRECTV NOW is the video service offering of AT&T. AT&T implemented Visi-Trac to track 200,000 equipment items at three broadcast centers and 190 smaller facilities supporting DIRECTV NOW. The solution implemented by RFID Global reduced inventory tracking time tenfold, while boosting inventory accuracy from 75 percent to 97 percent.  

It previously took AT&T about five years to conduct a full inventory count of the $1 billion worth of assets at its almost 200 locations. After implementing Visi-Trac, AT&T was better able to manage inventories of its servers, video compression equipment, amplifiers, routers and decoders. The company was able to reduce the amount of time required to perform a full inventory from years to mere months. 

Flexibility and Focus In Solution Design

"We selected Visi-Trac from RFID Global due to the company’s flexibility and focus on developing a solution that could be integrated into DIRECTV’s systems based on our unique needs."

Adam Seskin

Director, Broadcast Engineering Asset Management, AT&T

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