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Airline Baggage Tracking

Take a look at a recent project we deployed for global baggage tracking.


Our Asset Tracking and Supply Chain solutions work in virtually every industry.



Visi-Trac is most commonly used for the following applications:

Asset Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of your assets - from purchase through deployment to end-of-life – with real-time asset tracking.


Stop searching for lost or misplaced assets. Reduce time spent on inventory reconciliation. Increase efficiency, accountability and compliance.


Automate inventory functions, including physical counts and audits, and quickly find inventory using Visi-Trac and IoT data capture technologies.

Visi-Trac provides real-time inventory tracking by asset type, location, serial number, department, FIFO/LIFO, or any other data categories your systems may provide.


Track and monitor assets for operational, financial or compliance needs. From IT assets in data centers to large-scale industrial outdoor assets, Visi-Trac provides information on the status and condition of your assets. 

Increase asset utilization, inventory turnover and productivity with Visi-Trac.


Monitor data from biometric and environmental sensors for Employee Health and Safety applications.

Track time and attendance and personnel location for productivity and mustering.


Receive alerts as assets move, cross boundaries or exceed pre-defined thresholds for temperature, humidity or chemical emissions. 

Visi-Trac improves security with real-time location, status, and movement information.

Supply Chain

Gain global visibility of assets as materials make their way through receiving, assembly, packaging and distribution in your supply chain.

Visi-Trac tracks items within warehouses, while being delivered and when received.


Whatever your data, we help you make sense of it

​No matter what type of data, whether information on location, environmental conditions, asset status, condition, motion or acceleration, RFID Global can develop a solution that meets your operational requirements, utilizing the best IoT technology for your current and future needs.

Visi-Trac supports multiple IoT technologies, so you are not limited to any one technology to capture the data you need. Our solutions include the best technology for your application, whether RFID or Mesh Network or Satellite. In fact, sometimes the ideal solution uses multiple technologies, all viewed through a single application. Visi-Trac offers a single-source platform for today’s evolving IoT sensor technology.

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