What You See Helps What You Get

What You See Helps What You Get

WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”) is very common terminology used in software. In the asset management arena, this should be changed to, ‘What You See Helps What You Get’, meaning, the more visibility you have about your assets, the better accuracy, insights, and utilization you will achieve. Data is an integral part …

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Corporate Sustainability

Transforming Corporate Sustainability with RFID

The Eco-Evolution: Transforming Corporate Sustainability with RFID In an increasingly inter-connected and environmentally conscious world, companies are confronted with the challenge of aligning their corporate sustainability efforts with the pursuit of profitability. Adopting sustainable practices has become a business imperative as pressure mounts for corporations to reduce their environmental footprint. Achieving corporate sustainability goals with …

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Warehouse 4.0

Warehouse management has evolved significantly over the years. The industry is rapidly moving towards what is being labeled “Warehouse 4.0”, driven by the latest advancements in software automation and robotics. Two robots from Boston Dynamics stand out among the rest – Stretch and Atlas. These robots have the potential to revolutionize the way warehouses are …

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Digital Twins

Digital Twins and Connected Assets

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is transforming the way industries operate by providing unprecedented levels of insight, efficiency, and automation. One of the most exciting transformations is the rise of the ‘Digital Twin’. A digital twin is a virtual model of a physical asset or system. It reflects the asset’s current condition as well …

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ALERTS! The Asset Tracking Superpower

Asset tracking systems are increasing in popularity and for good reasons. Firms across multiple industries are realizing benefits from having visibility to where their physical assets are currently located, as well as where they have been. Benefits include: Dramatically reducing the time and cost associated with locating lost items Taking inventory counts in minutes versus …

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Farm to Table

Farm to Table Traceability

Tracking technology has become ubiquitous in many industries, allowing small companies and international corporations alike to optimize processes while increasing the bottom line. The integration of IoT within the food industry holds unique potential, as it yields significant benefits to both businesses and customers. From Farm to Table, IoT can be included in every stage …

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Tracking Outdoors

Tracking in the Great Outdoors

Tracking assets outdoors is crucial for businesses that rely on the movement of goods, equipment, and vehicles. Various technologies allow companies to monitor the location, status, speed, and direction of movement of their physical assets. Here is a brief overview of the leading tech used for tracking in the great outdoors – GPS, Cellular, LoRa, …

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IoT – BLE, RFID, UWB, Oh My!

The proliferation of IoT technologies has revolutionized operations in many industries. The challenge is there are several different technologies (beacons, sensors, gateways, and frequencies) used in IoT solutions. While companies have leaned into adopting these innovative technologies, choosing the right solution for your business can be challenging. Your asset tracking needs are key to determining …

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RFID in Semiconductor Manufacturing

The CHIPS Act and RFID

A Shortage and a Solution The global shortage of semiconductors over the last few years has brought renewed attention to the importance of the semiconductor industry. In the United States, the government took significant steps to expand domestic semiconductor manufacturing capabilities through initiatives such as the CHIPS Act of 2022. The primary goal of the …

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Strategic Technology Trends and RFID

Technology Trends and RFID in 2023

Gartner identified a list of 10 strategic technology trends that organizations should explore in 2023. The list was presented at the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo and focused on four themes: Sustainability, and trends to help organizations Optimize, Scale and be a Pioneer in their industries.  Key trends include Applied Observability, Adaptive AI and Wireless Value Realization, …

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