John Kennedy Joseph

Positive Work Environment

Positive Work Environment – a catchphrase which entices every IT employee. Research shows that a positive work environment empowers employees, which in turn multiplies creativity and productivity. Is there any correlation between an effective IT Asset Management system and a positive work environment? Or to take it one step further, is it possible that introducing an …

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Taking the tedium out of taking inventory

Organizations need to track and take inventory of their physical assets, or in IoT terminology, their ‘Things’. Inventories are generally performed at scheduled intervals or when an item needs to be located, an ad hoc inventory gets underway. If an asset is scarce, shared across departments, or high in value, the more important it becomes …

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Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics with Visi-Trac

   Can RFID and IoT sensors assure 100% read accuracy? If not, how can I close the gap?   Which type of analytics will generate the desired insights from tag and sensor data?   Can I get foresights in addition to insights from Visi-Trac Analytics?   A course correction for RFID / IoT Analytics    Gone are the days when business users need …

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