Positive Work Environment – a catchphrase which entices every IT employee. Research shows that a positive work environment empowers employees, which in turn multiplies creativity and productivity.

Is there any correlation between an effective IT Asset Management system and a positive work environment? Or to take it one step further, is it possible that introducing an IT Asset Management system can help create a positive work environment?

Many IT companies focus on providing a fun-filled environment for their employees. This includes providing an environment where employees work when they like, how they like and where they like.

In order to deliver a ‘How they like?’ and ‘Where they like?’ experience, companies vary from providing stationary stand-up desks in communal work spaces to providing employees with mobile gear such as laptops, tablets and smartphones which they carry wherever they go to work.

What if I would like to grab a tablet from a workplace kiosk on the way to spend a few hours outdoors in the sunshine while completing my tasks?

Wouldn’t it be great if I could meet my buddy in the cafeteria and our casual conversation moves from a new Hollywood movie to the software module he is struggling with and we decide to take a look at it together by grabbing a laptop from an employee shelf near the cafeteria?

My buddy can pick a laptop from a shelf, do some peer programming while sitting on the lawn in front of the cafeteria, go to the library to grab a reference book, and leave the laptop on a return shelf at the library when he decides to go to a movie from there.

Thanks to recent technologies where data resides in the Cloud and a software developer can access his in-progress code from anywhere or on any computer, this literally frees him or her from having to stay in the same workspace for continuous hours. This model has already been embraced by a lot of companies and is being accelerated by work-from-home mandates due to COVID-19.

Below are some of the important questions to be addressed by organizations who are moving to this fluid IT model:

How does your company track IT assets throughout the facility?

How does the company make sure that all dispensing and return shelves in the facility have the required number of laptops, rather than have laptops lying all around the place? 

How does the company make sure that laptops and other IT assets do not leave the facility (unless approved) so that there is no inventory shrinkage?

How does the company make sure at the end of the day that all laptops are stored on one of the designated shelves?

How does the logistics department know which shelves to stock with laptops?

This is where a solid IT Asset Management system comes in handy.

Such a system can track laptops and other IT assets when they are checked out from the shelves, notifies the administrative team if a shelf is about to run out of laptops soon, alerts when an unauthorized laptop or IT asset is detected at an exit point, reports any missing laptops at the end of every day and importantly, helps avoid/reduce inventory shrinkage.

In total, an effective IT Asset Tracking system provides the benefit of a positive work culture without having to compromise on any downsides such as loss of inventory.

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