Xylem assesses industrial water treatment equipment tracking solutions 

Xylem is a leader in developing innovative water solutions through smart technology, enabling customers worldwide in 150 countries to transport, treat and efficiently use water in public utilities, residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial settings.

Xylem sought to better manage its rental inventory of pumps, hoses, metal pipes and other water-related equipment. They needed accurate inventory data in their order management system to fulfill customer orders. Their products operate in challenging environments, often working in extreme temperature ranges, stacked among metal objects, and submerged under water and sludge for months at a time. Any tracking solution would need to survive and operate reliably under these harsh conditions. RFID Global undertook an RFID tag and hardware evaluation, searching for products that would meet their requirements, performing extensive testing and providing custom tag requirements to manufacturers. 

Asset tracking enables better rental inventory management.

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