Sanford Health monitors patient arrival, wait and care event times to improve ‘patient-centric’ care 

Sanford Health is the largest rural, nonprofit healthcare system in the U.S. with 45 hospitals and 289 clinics in nine states and five countries. It sought to improve its standard of ‘patient-centric’ care by reducing wait times in waiting and examination rooms and enabling patients to flow through their facilities quickly and easily.

RFID Global designed and installed a real-time location system throughout Sanford facilities to help manage the flow of patients, personnel and assets through examination rooms and common areas. The system monitors events to identify when services have been provided to patients based on staff and patient location data, thereby better predicting workflow and improving patient service efficiency and satisfaction. A status board, located in areas where medical center personnel work, displays patient location and waiting time information. Sanford uses this data to plan staff levels and patient scheduling and make real-time adjustments. 

Improving Patient Service Efficiency

"Sanford Health’s goal was to identify when services have been provided to a particular patient and thereby find ways to better predict workflow and improve patient service efficiency."   

- Jeff Hoss, VP, Sanford Clinic Fargo

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