With the accelerating adoption and deployment of IoT infrastructure and devices, the need to keep the edge of enterprise networks secure is critical.  IT organizations want to ensure that the introduction of devices onto corporate networks does not create, increase, or otherwise expose security risks.

As a result, organizations have started to monitor the support status of their installed devices.  Specifically, they want to ensure the firmware and operating system versions on each device are current and the device is supported by the manufacturer. If the device uses a third-party operating system such as Android or iOS, its important to know whether a currently supported version of the operating system is being used. Many companies have adopted policies requiring that installed devices be up-to-date and supported as a requisite to being used on their corporate systems.

Monitoring large-scale deployments can be both challenging and difficult, given the quantity of devices, and in many instances, the need to physically access the device to determine its status.  In a factory or warehouse setting, for example, accessing a device installed in the ceiling can be a cumbersome exercise requiring factory personnel to assist in gaining access to the devices.  In other applications, devices may be scattered in remote locations around the globe.  Multiplying this effort across thousands of devices creates an arduous task.

Our Visi-Trac IoT platform monitors the status of devices continuously, alleviating the need to physically access a device to determine its status.  Our customer support team offers information regarding the support status of all our installed devices, including end of life (EOL) product and end of support (EOS) dates for devices and their related software.  These capabilities are offered to facilitate our customer’s security requirements.

For more information about our Visi-Trac IoT platform or the status of your devices, please contact us at info@rfidgs.com.