Reston, VA., May 1, 2023 — RFID Global Solution, Inc. (RFID Global) announced today the introduction of its Hotel Linen Management Solution, an integrated system offering item-level visibility to hotels for linens and related laundry services. In collaboration with StarTex, a leading textile and linen manufacturer and distributor, RFID Global has developed a feature-rich solution that enables hotels to track linens and textiles throughout the hotel and through the laundry cycle to ensure accurate laundry counts and reduce losses of linens that impact hotel profitability.  

By introducing RFID tagged linens into the hotel environment, hotel operators can receive detailed information on linen inventory/par levels, utilization, age, wash counts, and lost linens. For hotels operating an on premise laundry, this solution provides automation for a service typically managed by weight and manual linen counts.

“Linens are a billion dollar annual expenditure for the hotel industry with little inventory management beyond weighing and hand counts. Our laundry management solution is designed to provide hotels automated item level detail and especially target linen products that are lost before their useful life,” said RFID Global Co-CEO, John Brunette.

“We are excited about the opportunity to jointly market this much needed solution in combination with our RFID tagged linens,” said Mark Kobrin, CEO of StarTex. “We expect this to provide hotels significant financial and operational benefits by assisting hotels in managing linen losses and substantially enhancing inventory management and restocking.”

As an enhanced feature to RFID Global’s industry-leading, real-time asset management software, Visi-Trac, the Hotel Linen Management Solution, can leverage Visi-Trac’s substantial capabilities. Visi-Trac offers unparalleled visibility into hotel assets down to the guest room level from its intuitive dashboards, scheduled and ad-hoc reports, email and audible/visual alerts, and hotel-wide asset tracking capabilities.

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StarTex, established in 1917, is a renowned commercial textile and linen manufacturer and distributor based in Denver. We pride ourselves on our century-long commitment to producing high-quality, innovative, and sustainable products and services that cater to the diverse needs of various industries, including hospitality, healthcare, and retail. With a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, our dedicated team works tirelessly to deliver exceptional value and service, making StarTex a trusted partner for textile solutions across the nation.