RFID Global will be speaking and exhibiting with IBM at the Lab Asset and Facility Management Conference, San Diego, California, October 22-24, 2019.

Regain control of your assets and facilities. Redefine best practices for end-to-end asset management. Introduce flexible, integrated facility management to enhance capital efficiency.

Chaired by Linwood Bryant, Senior Manager of Asset Management at Regeneron, this 3-day summit is focused on senior lab operations, lab supplies, facilities management and procurement leaders in the Life Sciences industry.

Diana Hage, CEO of RFID Global, will be giving a talk on “From Centrifuges to Specimens, Every Lab is Unique”.  The conversation will include how every lab has unique challenges, processes and equipment; how IoT solutions can simplify the complexity and provide an enterprise-wide view; and she will share our experience in a variety of lab settings.

Other discussions will include how to transform your laboratory operations through effective planning and technology and how to implement lab asset management programs.