The ability to know where something or someone is located is core to many companies’ success. Having that level of granular information at one’s fingertips changes the way business managers can make rapid, data-driven decisions. Without a doubt, knowing where something is located is highly important, but actionable data about the asset is what everyone needs in order to make smarter business decisions.

That is why we created Visi-Trac Analytics. At its core, it is an asset management platform that empowers anyone to answer questions well beyond where an asset is with useful and actionable data. In addition to having all the analytical tools one would expect, such as dashboards, reports and key metrics, it gives businesses the ability to forecast, prevent disruptions, track the lifecycle of any item, and improve supply chain processes.

Visi-Trac Analytics allows users to run simple and complex analyses on large data sets or drill down to an individual tracked item with ease. Having the flexibility to rapidly create custom dashboards with our ‘Do It Yourself’, self-service dashboard, or letting Visi-Trac do the heavy lifting, is a hallmark of our system.

At the end of the day, being able to forecast, create reports, and analyze huge amounts of data simply allows for smarter decisions to happen more often. This is what makes Visi-Trac a true business intelligence tool.

Key Features

The capabilities are endless with Visi-Trac which transforms massive amounts of IoT generated data into actionable information.

Analytics Dashboards

Explore an array of visualization options, including geomaps, facility floorpans, charts, trend lines, asset tables, rack and shelf images, and custom data displays. Create your own dashboards with our easy-to-use, self service tools.

Diverse Data Sources

Visi-Trac supports multiple data capture technologies (barcode, RFID, RTLS and GPS) in one integrated platform. Bring all your critical data into a single enterprise view by connecting to a diverse range of data sources.


Send and receive notifications when assets have crossed boundaries, exceeded thresholds, or an unexpected event occurs. Alerting options include email, SMS, lights and sirens.


Visi-Trac has a highly scalable, distributed architecture with millions of assets under management and was designed for enterprise-scale deployments.


Manage and deploy analytics in the cloud or on premise.


Visi-Trac Analytics delivers:

Actionable Insights

Visi-Trac’s advanced analytics generate actionable information and business insights into any aspect of your business. Accurate, real-time data improves operational efficiencies, compliance and security.


Schedule automatic delivery of updated, personalized reports for every user, when and where they need it, including mobile devices.

Return on Investment

Visi-Trac Analytics enables managers to manager their assets with greater accuracy and frequency, increasing asset utilization and reducing capital expenditures.

Try Visi-Trac Analytics and improve your business operations today.