Workplace Safety Distancing Solutions

Stay Safe with Social Distance Monitoring

SafeZone360 is a proximity sensing solution designed to detect when someone gets within a six foot radius of you. A wearable sensor generates instant alerts enabling you to avoid too close encounters. Information on contact incidents enables companies to take actions to provide a safe and healthy working environment.

SafeZone360 Features

Wearable Sensors

Wearable sensors generate real-time alerts when co-workers are within six feet. Accurate to 3 in (7.5 cm). 360° coverage. 60 day battery life.

Real-Time Alerts

Configurable audible, visual and vibration alerts. Text and email alerts. All contact incidents logged in system. Contact tracing reports.

Minimal Infrastructure

Minimal infrastructure. Easy to deploy. 802.15.4 mesh network. 1,000 foot range Wearables form mesh network. Limited data collection protects privacy. 

How It Works

Wearable 802.15.4 mesh badges equipped with a highly accurate proximity sensor provide fast and reliable detection when workers get too close. Unlike many other wearables where the body can impede the accuracy of alerts, our badges provide full 360° coverage. When workers move within 6 feet of another regardless of orientation, their badges will sound an immediate alarm (audible, visual and vibration) and the data will be recorded in a contact incident log.

Protect Your Workforce

Provide your employees with real-time alerts throughout the day to stay safely apart. Gain Social Distance visibility. Set the standard in your industry.

SafeZone360 Software

Powerful software collects encounter data in real time. Visualization tools allow you to see contact incidents by time, location and duration. Spot trends and take action to reconfigure workflows, trace contacts and protect your team. 


Each wearable sensor is a node on the mesh network, relaying data from badge to badge to the system, creating expansive coverage with minimal infrastructure, among many other features.


Highly accurate boundary sensing. Detects other employees at six foot distances with 3 inch (7.5 cm) tolerance. Up to 10x more accurate than alternative systems.

360° Visibility

Wearable devices embedded in standard safety vests provide full 360° coverage with no dead zone or body interference.

Configurable Alerts

Audible, visual and vibration alerts beep, blink and buzz, notifying workers even in loud environments. Text and email alerts available. Device status and battery life monitoring. 


A 6 foot zone records participants, time and duration of contact. A configurable secondary zone (25 feet) also captures proximity data for additional contact identification. 

Deploy Rapidly

Mesh network supports thousands of sensors on a single gateway. Minimal infrastructure required. Readily available. Made in America. 

Future Proof

Capabilities include broadcast paging; panic and man down alerting; auto roll call during mustering; and environmental monitoring. Alternate solutions available with BLE and WiFi.

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