By 2021, almost 28 billion IoT devices will communicating with each other across low-latency networks. By 2025, there will be more than 100 billion connected devices, according to Research and Markets, each with a dozen sensors or more. AI technology and 5G connectivity will further spur this growth. And emerging from this innovation will be torrents of data you’ll need to know how to harness and utilize to competitive advantage.

The coming trillion sensor economy will belong to the companies who’ve planned and prepared for it. One of the most significant side effects of a trillion sensor economy will be a massive increase in data collection. IoT gateways and sensors will generate data that can be collected and analyzed at the edge of the network or in the cloud. And in order to generate real-time analytics based on data collected by gateways and sensors, companies will need a low-latency infrastructure and data visualization capability in place.

We’ve been preparing for this seismic shift for the last several years, building the data collection and visualization tools in our Visi-Trac Platform suite. IoT data analytics will let you provide the data-driven experiences businesses and consumers will come to expect, as well as help you make timely decisions to improve operational and financial performance.