How many times have you needed a specific tool, assembly part or IT hard drive and it’s nowhere to be found? Do you ever wonder why you can’t find that critical asset when you need it? Wouldn’t it be great if you could instantly find just what you need when you need it by waving a mobile device or phone in your hand? 

Well, you can.

Mobile asset management utilizes a handheld scanner or mobile phone to pick up signals from a Bluetooth beacon or RFID tag attached to a physical asset in order to track the location of an item. Smartphones and scanners are portable, allow for the quick search and tracking of assets, and are easy to operate.

Mobile asset tracking transforms the time-consuming process of manually searching for assets. Using your phone or scanning device to automatically find items reduces time and labor costs, frees up employees’ time, and lowers the chance of losing an item, thereby saving on replacement costs.

Lost assets not only incur high replacement costs, but can slow down production and impact service times. It is essential that companies keep track of, and find missing or misplaced assets as soon as possible, in order to avoid purchasing unnecessary inventory.

Visi-Trac, our mobile inventory application, scans inventory from a handheld device and compares results against expected inventory quantities and locations.  Items scanned during an inventory are displayed with their status of ‘Found, Missing, Misplaced, or New’, indicating that assets are where they should be, cannot be found, have been moved from another location, or are new arrivals.

When an asset cannot be found, our mobile application has a built-in search feature, similar to a Geiger counter.  As a person gets closer to an asset, the mobile device will emit an audible beep which gets louder and more frequent as you get closer to the asset.

Your company may also be carrying assets belonging to your customers, and these customers expect responsible handling of their assets when they entrust them to you. One of the best ways to service your clients is by providing a real-time flow of information regarding the location, movement, or usage of their assets. You can measure the speed and efficiency by which assets are being used, thus helping you communicate how effectively your company is carrying out the job for your customers.  Your customers will be pleased to see you handling their assets well, while showcasing the efficiency of your operations and quality inventory management.    

Information gathered from a mobile tracking device can tell you where your assets are, how often they are being utilized, and provide insight into what actions should be taken to optimize asset management.

Whether you are an Android or iOS fan, Visi-Trac runs on both O/S, on a variety of mobile computers and handheld scanners from firms such as Alien, Honeywell, Impinj, TSL and Zebra.

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