The need for rock-solid, reliable IoT Middleware

With the explosive growth in the use of RFID tags and IoT sensors, having a rock-solid, reliable middleware system to process incoming sensor and tag reads is becoming increasingly important. Middleware is the part of a software system responsible for maintaining communications with IoT gateways and RFID readers, processing the data generated by those devices, …

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What’s Different with IoT in Petro-Chem

The Chemical and Petroleum industries provide challenging environments for the design and implementation of IoT solutions.  Especially for the oil majors who operate around the globe and seek common, replicable and scalable solutions.  A solution suitable for the petrochem industry differs from solutions for other industrial sectors due to hazardous locations requiring specially designed and …

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Are Your Devices Supported?

With the accelerating adoption and deployment of IoT infrastructure and devices, the need to keep the edge of enterprise networks secure is critical.  IT organizations want to ensure that the introduction of devices onto corporate networks does not create, increase, or otherwise expose security risks. As a result, organizations have started to monitor the support …

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