Reston, VA, June 22, 2015
Collaboration to drive adoption of IoT solutions for supply chain management

RFID Global, a leading provider of asset management solutions, announced it has joined the RAIN RFID Alliance. RAIN RFID is an industry alliance founded by Google, Intel, Impinj and Smartrac, and hosted by AIM, the automatic-identification trade association. RAIN is focused on promoting awareness, education and programs to accelerate the growth and adoption of UHF RFID in business and consumer applications.

Similar to the Wi-Fi community and Bluetooth Alliance that have transformed their industries, RAIN’s objective is to emulate this success for RFID.

The collaboration will bring additional resources to RAIN’s effort to evangelize technologies that connect billions of everyday items to the internet. Data from these items help businesses run their operations more efficiently and provide better customer service. RFID Global delivers IoT solutions for the data center, industrial, and healthcare industries, and will share its experiences with the RAIN Alliance, thereby contributing to the adoption of RFID technology.

“We are delighted to join the RAIN RFID Alliance and look forward to a mutually beneficial collaboration,” said Diana Hage, CEO, RFID Global. “RAIN provides an industry forum to promote the benefits of RFID technology and will drive awareness to accelerate growth and adoption in our key markets of aerospace, electronics and healthcare.”

“Since our founding in 2014, the RAIN RFID Alliance continues to grow,” said Steve Halliday, President of RAIN RFID Alliance. “I am very pleased to see RFID Global join our organization, as the firm is deeply experienced in defining, launching and growing industry solutions, and will contribute to our mission to promote RFID technology.”

About RFID Global Solution

RFID Global is a leading provider of real-time asset management solutions for the data center and enterprise markets. Visi-Trac, the firm’s enterprise and SaaS offering, automates and streamlines tracking and managing data center equipment, enabling users to schedule, manage and conduct inventories and audits across multiple facilities on a global scale. Learn how RFID Global can help you improve your quality of service and financial performance at

About RAIN RFID Alliance

The RAIN RFID Alliance is an organization founded to promote awareness, increase education, and support the universal adoption of UHF RFID technology. RAIN members use the EPC Gen2 UHF RFID specification, incorporated into the IS/IEC 18000-63 standard. For more information, visit

The RAIN RFID Alliance is part of AIM Global. For over 40 years, AIM has served as the association and worldwide authority on automatic identification, data collection and networking in a mobile environment. AIM members are manufacturers, distributors, resellers and end-users of bar code, RFID, RTLS and mobile computing solutions. AIM is dedicated to accelerating the growth and use of Automatic Identification and Mobility technologies and services around the world. For more information, visit