CIO Review: IBM Special Edition

November 2015

100 Most Promising IBM Solution Providers 2015

There is a lot of discussion on where IBM, the tech giant, is headed. One key area that IBM is focused on is the fast growing technology segment called the Internet of Things (IOT). The company is accelerating its leadership in IOT solutions, developing industry specific cloud data services.

CIO Review’s IBM Special Edition focuses on the best vendors at the forefront of providing IBM solutions and services. Partnering with IBM and leveraging their technologies, these companies offer comprehensive solutions to organizations and enterprises worldwide. Their focus is on helping organizations improve their IT operations and transition to a new era powered by cognitive computing, cloud, analytics, mobile and more.

We present to you CIOReview’s 100 Most Promising IBM solution providers 2015.

RFID Global Solution, Inc.

Enhanced Compliance and Control with Real-time Asset Visibility

Organizations today experience enormous pressure to maximize the value of their corporate assets, from heavy machinery and medical devices, to property, and even IT equipment. To combat these challenges, enterprises require an efficient asset management approach that can transform their asset value by minimizing downtime, avoiding duplication, and improving resource utilization and tax efficiency.

“We provide full lifecycle asset management, tracking assets throughout their entire lifecycle, from receiving through disposition, ensuring complete visibility and enhanced security for high-value IT and network equipment,” begins Diana Hage, CEO, RFID Global Solution.  Based in Reston, VA, RFID Global transforms the traditional physical and barcode methods of tracking assets to location-aware business intelligence, allowing users to gain a dynamic picture of their asset position.

Presently, the market is abuzz with Internet of Things (IoT), for connecting assets and transforming them into smart assets. In line with the same, “Combining IoT technologies with cloud-based data storage to quickly obtain reports and dashboards, and help operations managers locate and secure assets in real-time, optimize inventory, and improve asset management, is where our Visi-Trac software adds value,” notes Diana. The advanced RFID asset tracking platform captures a wide range of signal inputs from technologies, including active and passive RFID, RTLS, Ultra Wide Band, barcode and sensors.

“These RFID technologies have yielded 90 percent savings in our customers’ inventory management costs, improved asset utilization, and reduced capital expenditures,” says Ms. Hage.

Visi-Trac interfaces to enterprise EAM/MRP systems such as IBM Maximo and IBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT. Being a decade long business partner with IBM, RFID Global has worked with IBM on several ground-breaking projects in multiple industry segments, particularly in data center asset management, the airline industry, and the healthcare space.

“IBM has been a tremendous partner for us. They have helped us achieve greater sales reach by providing us with several opportunities to work with some of their leading clients,” states Diana.

Since its inception, RFID Global has invested in building a software platform to keep pace with the changing needs of users within the asset management arena. Furthermore, “We are focused on enhancing our Visi-Trac platform, with the aim to make our software stack seamlessly fit into iBM’s BlueMix architecture,” says Diana.

“We rely on our engineering team to design and implement RFID solutions that meet our customers’ needs, based on our Visi-Trac platform and complementary IBM software, and leverage RFID global resources around the world,” adds Diana. For instance, Cisco Systems, provider of networking, communications and collaboration technologies, required a solution to optimize and safeguard Cisco’s investment in fixed IT assets. Working with RFID Global’s Visi-Trac software, integrated with IBM’s Tivoli Asset Management for IT, Cisco has improved their cycle counts and audit accuracy, achieved better asset utilization, and increased its cost savings,” explains Diana.

With experience in defining, launching, and growing industry solutions, in the years to come RFID Global will contribute towards helping its clients’ missions to take advantage of evolving RFID technology. “We will continue to extend our footprint in selective markets—IT and healthcare and focus on working with large global supply chain projects, especially in the airline industry,” concludes Diana.