When you travel, arrive on time, and your bags are promptly delivered to the baggage carousel, you speed on your way to your destination without giving airline logistics much of a thought.  But what about trips that don’t go so smoothly? Flight delays and lost bags are the top two complaints in the airline industry, per US Department of Transportation published studies.

Major airlines are acutely aware that misplaced bags are costly to track down and have a detrimental effect on customer satisfaction. RFID is a technology that can help reduce the $1 billion spent every year in chasing down lost luggage.  By keeping real-time tabs on where your bags are, airlines can provide passengers with peace of mind, goodwill and a positive customer experience.  And avoiding the approximate $100 spent on tracking down lost bags is good for the airline’s bottom line.

RFID will make it much easier for airlines to have visibility of their passenger’s luggage whereabouts, enabling them to get the right bag to the right passenger, saving money in the process.  So, your luggage isn’t really lost, its just somewhere inconvenient.  And RFID is the technology to reunite travelers with their wayward bags faster than any other system in the market.