Digital Twins

Digital Twins and Connected Assets

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is transforming the way industries operate by providing unprecedented levels of insight, efficiency, and automation. One of the most exciting transformations is the rise of the ‘Digital Twin’. A digital twin is a virtual model of a physical asset or system. It reflects the asset’s current condition as well …

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Farm to Table

Farm to Table Traceability

Tracking technology has become ubiquitous in many industries, allowing small companies and international corporations alike to optimize processes while increasing the bottom line. The integration of IoT within the food industry holds unique potential, as it yields significant benefits to both businesses and customers. From Farm to Table, IoT can be included in every stage …

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IoT – BLE, RFID, UWB, Oh My!

The proliferation of IoT technologies has revolutionized operations in many industries. The challenge is there are several different technologies (beacons, sensors, gateways, and frequencies) used in IoT solutions. While companies have leaned into adopting these innovative technologies, choosing the right solution for your business can be challenging. Your asset tracking needs are key to determining …

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Improving customer experience at the auto dealership

At a recent visit to my auto dealership for a service appointment, I noted some basic level of  automation. The loaner vehicle had a barcode on the windshield. Large screen televisions in the customer waiting area displayed scheduled appointment times and corresponding service advisors. I presumed this tied into some software system that stored my …

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The IoT Application Checklist

Ever since forward-thinking companies started using barcodes to track the movement of assets and inventory back in the 1970’s, the use of Automatic Identification (Auto-ID) technologies has propelled firms in multiple industries to seek automated ways to monitor the status of their items. It was Kevin Ashton, co-founder of MIT’s Auto-ID Center, who first used …

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IoT to the Domestic Manufacturing Rescue

Many of us intuitively know how much technology adds value when properly applied. The list of industries that tech has transformed over time is long and wide; healthcare, business, education, communication, and transportation to name a few. One area that has seen bursts of technological change over the last 100 years is manufacturing. Unfortunately, that …

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What’s Different with IoT in Petro-Chem

The Chemical and Petroleum industries provide challenging environments for the design and implementation of IoT solutions.  Especially for the oil majors who operate around the globe and seek common, replicable and scalable solutions.  A solution suitable for the petrochem industry differs from solutions for other industrial sectors due to hazardous locations requiring specially designed and …

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Are Your Devices Supported?

With the accelerating adoption and deployment of IoT infrastructure and devices, the need to keep the edge of enterprise networks secure is critical.  IT organizations want to ensure that the introduction of devices onto corporate networks does not create, increase, or otherwise expose security risks. As a result, organizations have started to monitor the support …

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